Miss you Big Lad

Friday, 7 September 2007

A trip to Cleeve Hill

Now Sally is allowed out, mum, dad, and youngest human decided to take us to MY bestest place.
I did feel better now we are outside together, and I suppose she's not that bad really.

She still follows me and sniffs MY sniffs, but that means she's got good taste eh?

On the way home I was standing up watching where we were going, but Sally wanted to sleep, and dad kept telling me off for hogging all the room, but I can't help that cos I'm a lot bigger than her.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Poor little Amber

Mum wants me to put a link on here about a little Yorkie called Amber who hasn't had a very good life so far. She lives in a rescue centre for Yorkies in Lincolnshire, and because of an illness she's got, probably will always live there. They are trying to raise some money for her treatment, and if sucesful Amber's Appeal could eventually help others with the same problem. They are only a small rescue, and haven't got the funds for big advertising, so mum wants me to do my bit in promoting this appeal.