Miss you Big Lad

Monday, 30 July 2007

Oscar the Airdale RIP

One of the 1st to welcome me here There's a new star in the sky this year,
It's my best friend who I wish was here,
so I reached into the sky tonight,
I borrowed my star that shines so bright,
I brought him back into my home,
and we spent a little time alone,
in the morning he said he must be gone,
so he can shine on everyone. VH

Keep shining Oscar!

Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Thought it was about time I introduced you to Robin, he’s er……….my nephew?…………..er, no, that’s not right, cos I’m adopted, so who is he? Perhaps he’s just a friend, anyway, he lives with my mums eldest human and her human partner and he lives lots and lots of big walks away in somewhere called Hampshire.
They don’t always call him Robin, they sometimes call him something else, but I won’t say what that is on here. My mum says it’s what humans call other humans when one charges another too much for something, I call him it cos he steals my toys.

I’ve told him to write a blog of his own, but he says he’s too busy cos he has to work full time at his dad’s print works during the week. I told him to sneak into the office and steal a computer (cos he’s good at stealing), but he said cos he wears a blue collar it means he’s a DOGual worker and he’s not allowed in the offices.

Nearly every weekend he goes mountain biking with his mum and dad, where he likes to jump into the big muddy puddles and roll in fox poo.
He recently had to have an operation on his throat cos he had a big lump growing, his mum and dad were really worried cos they thought it was cancer, but it was caused by a stick that had gone down his throat, he’s all better now though and still as naughty.
My mum bought him this ASBO t-shirt recently cos she says he deserves it
I want to say thank you very much to UmeVerse for awarding me a Rockin Dog Bloger, it's an honour as I haven't been here very long.
I am giving it to all of you as you've all made me feel really welcome, but the 5 I will mention are

Monday, 23 July 2007

My weekend

I've had an exciting weekend going out in my motor First we set off to a nice place called Dovers Hill (this was me there about a month ago) where there are lots of lovely doggie sniff and lots of these white woolie things but we had to turn back because we couldn't get over the bridge at Bidford on Avonmum took me back to sit in the motor cos I don't like water, she put her wellies on and walked onto the bridge to have a look at the road the other side, but she said there was lots and lots of water there too.
So we went for a walk in a park at Evesham, but there wasn't much park to walk in cos all the water was there too
So we came back home and I had my dinner and went to sleep.

On Sunday my mum said we'll go onto the hills at a place called Bishops Cleeve my bestest place in the world, cos I can see forever and ever
I did lots and lots of exploring
and then we came home and I had my dinner and I was so so tired I went to sleep till Monday

A pic for Pippa who likes landies

Friday, 20 July 2007

Corn Cobs

My friend Pippa asked if he could tell my corn cob terror story, I said he was more than welcome, especially if it helps to stop anyone else having to go through the horrors my mum and I went through. You've probably all read it by now, but if not you can read it here and here
Pippa posted some pics of me when I was feeling better, but here are some when I wasn't.

this was 8 days after my bowel op, when I couldn't walk.

This was 11 days after my throat op.

Oh the embarrasment

Oh Freda, I don't chase bunnies and hurt them, to be honest I'm scared of them.
Here is a picture of Oliver, his mum is my mums youngest human and he used to live with us till they got their own house, he used run round and round my legs and I was really really scared and used to look up into the sky to pretend he wasn't there.
That is what he's doing here

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Yippee it's Thursday

First let me say thank you again to all my new friends, my mum has put you all in my cyberpals list, which is quite embarrasing as I haven't barked at any of you yet, but as soon as she gives me some peace and stops trying to tell me what to do, I promise I will.

On Thursdays (and sometimes other days too) I see my girlfriends, Holly and Abby.
While the humans do lots of chinwagging Holly and me run around chasing bunnies and squiggles through the bushes and do lots of sniffs. The bunnies leave us lots of nice currants, which if the humans don't see we manage to pinch.

Abby's not allowed to join us, but there's a different story altogether, I've told them to start their own blog, cos I know Holly will snitch on Abby and tell you all the gossip.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

All my new pals

WOW!!!, lots and lots of new friends
Thank you, all of you.

My mum has been sat here trying to help me reply to you all personally, but she's not much help....................... typical human, so she's left me struggling.
Anyway I know you'll all understand.
So THANK YOU ALL..................I'll get the hang of it soon. I've added you all to my friends list, hope that's the right thing to do

Monday, 16 July 2007

This is my 1st attempt a writing a blog and my mum's not much help as she's never done one either.
She says I'm a very handsome boy and I could use it just to post photos of myself, but I'm not that vain.
I'd like to get as good as my friend Pippadog, he writes some really interesting stuff.
I will try and do some interesting things and come back and tell you all about them
Luv n' licks