Miss you Big Lad

Friday, 26 October 2007

Healing Thoughts worked

Thank you all for your healing thoughts, Deb has phoned my mum to tell her that Hector is now doing well.
He was operated on on Wednesday and had 2lbs of water drained from his lungs and around his heart. He has had the medication for his hyperthyroid increased and is also on water retention tablets, he will be strictly monitored for the next week, and the vet is hoping the increase in medication will solve the problem, if not he will then have to take heart tablets too, but at the moment he is eating well, puring loudly and looking amazing. Thanks again, all of you.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Healing Thoughts

Please will all my pals out there send some healing thoughts to Hector. He lives with Deb my mum's youngest human (she's the one on the pic of 'A trip to Cleeve Hill'), they adopted him from The Blue Cross about 2 years ago when he was 13 years old, he was suffering from hyperthyroidism, but they took him on knowing he'd be on medication for the rest of his life, well aparently this condition causes heart problems, which he has now got, so tomorrow morning he is going into the vets to have a load of fluid removed from round his heart, then hopefully he can have medication to keep it at bay. Deb and her husband Neil really helped me get back on my feet when I was really ill, that is why I want you all to send healing thoughts......PLEASE

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Far from the maddening crowd

Mum took us out today away from where any innocent dog may get accosted by Sally the Tart, we had a very nice peaceful walk and Sally was a perfect little lady doubt she would have been if we'd met anyone though.
She remembered her camera this time, so you can see where we went, she insisted I post this pic in black and white, cos she says us dogs can't see colours properly, but how do humans know what WE dogs can see, so now she gone out of the room I'm posting the proper one.
Robindog and his peeps arrived back here about 6pm, so we had a quick photo shoot in the garden before it got dark as they are going back to their own home tomorrow. Robindog was really tired after spending the last 4 days mountain biking and couldn't be bothered with Sallytart tonight, especially after she'd spent ages playing up to him, he took one sniff at her and she snapped at him. Boy oh boy, I can't wait for her hormones to return to normal, talk about unpredictable.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Robindog visits Sally

Last Wednesday mums eldest human and partner came to visit us and so did Robindog, Robindog is like me and had his bits removed many mealtimes ago, so we knew Sally would be safe, but we didn't know Robindog wouldn't be. Sally was worse with him than she is with me, tart is an understatement, she flirted with him all night, I was quite embarrased.
We all went for a walk on Thursday morning, but silly mum forgot her camera, so she couldn't take any pics of us walking together, but she said Robindog and I were the 'men in black' as Sally was walking between us and we were her bodyguards.
Anyway Robindog and his peeps have gone mountain biking in Wales till Sunday, but mum says she'll try and get some piccys when they come back.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Confined to barracks

Well hello everyone, I'm gonna make all you entire dogs really jealous now, not that I care twopence myself, cos I lost my bits years ago, but I'm living with a tart named Sally from the Alley. When she came to live with us no-one knew if she'd had her bits removed (or spayed, as humans call it), but it has become very clear in the last couple of day, that she has still got them, so she's confined to barracks at the moment. She keeps coming up to me and whispering in my ears, (well if sticking her nose half way down my earole can be called whispering) and staring at me, she's even lying on my bed, mum says she'll become even more of a tart too over the next week, but luckily I won't have to put up with it again, cos mum says as soon as she can Sally is going to have her bits removed.