Miss you Big Lad

Thursday, 15 November 2007

I now know why Pippa was moaning about her mistress not doing what he wanted her to do, I've had the same trouble with my mum, I've not been able to get near MY PC cos she's on there all the time messing with photographs and other silly stuff, I've just managed to sneak on here for 5 minutes, so firstly let me say sorry to all my pals who I've not visited for ages, all you who've been ill or having tests, and all of you who've got new brothers or sisters, I haven't forgotten you.
We haven't been out much recently, cos of Sally being in season, mum says as much as she likes her she doesn't want a load of little Sallys, but we eventually managed a trip to Cleeve Hill. It was really really really windy and cold too. Sally told me she didn't like it at all and that she was scared of the wind, but I protected her and told her not to be so silly.