Miss you Big Lad

Thursday, 30 August 2007

You put your right leg in.........

Mum thought you all would like to see a pic of Sally and me doing the oaky koaky, so here it is:

I'm not sure if I like Sally or not, she keeps coming up to me and asking me to play, but I don't want to, so I'll turn my face away so I can't see her, to be honest, I hate telling you this, but she scares me, mum calls me a big wimp, but she doesn't understand, how does she know Sally's not going to do something horrid to me.

She's had to stay in since she arrived as she'd started a new course of jabs while at the Collie Trust, so we went out last weekend without her, we visited a GIANTS golf course

This is a good view, isn't it?

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Sally from the alley

This is my new friend Sally, she is 19" short, she was in a dog pound in N Wales before being transferred to the Border Collie Trust

It's a funny old life, I was in a dog's home in S Wales before being transferred to the Border Collie Trust, I wonder what is it with Welsh strays and the Collie Trust that mum finds irresistible? Oh of course, it's moi! Huge Happy HANDSOME Hairy Harry, hhmmm, what is Sally then? Short ....? .....? Sally.

She kept asking me to play and charging at me with a yoghurt pot yesterday, I thought it best that I stood real still, but she still kept skidding into me, so I told her to clear off, not nastily, just mumbled under my breath that I am the boss, better not write that too big as mum and dad are really.

I've heard mum saying that she's a little angel and that she is really well behaved, but I'm still waiting to see what she's like when she gets her paws under the table, then I'll let you all know the proper truth.


Thursday, 16 August 2007

Girlfriend arriving Friday 17th Aug

Firstly thank you all who voted on my poll. This is one of the nice places I shall be taking my new friend.

Last Sunday my mum and Auntie Ina (Holly and Abby's mum) took me to visit The Border Collie Trust, where I came from many walks ago. My mum had read about a 6 year old collie girl on their website that she thought I might like. The lady there went to the kennels and brought out a tiny (well I suppose anyone is small to me) collie, I liked the look of her straight away, but she's a funny colour, I heard my mum say she is sable and white and that she looked a bit like a Sheltie, I suppose us Collie crosses come in all shapes and colours.
Anyway, she come over to me and sniffed my bum, then she sniffed my nose and she wagged her tail, I thought I'd better do the same too, then we went for a walk together, and were let off our leads so we could get to know each other better. She followed me everywhere, I thought girls were meant to play 'hard to get', but I think I like her.
My Mum's eldest human who had joined us there, suddenly said something that all the other humans thought was really funny and they all started laughing, mum said it was fate and that we ought to adopt her.
It must be a human thing, but why would the sentence 'When Harry met Sally' make them all go into hysterics, I'm totally confused.

Friday, 3 August 2007

Does this mean I might be getting a friend

HHmmm, not sure what to make of this, I've just caught my mum looking on the Dogs Trust website, and muttering to my dad, 'do you think H would like a friend'

What does she mean...................? I've got loads of friends anyway, and I'm quite capable of picking my own, thank you very much!!

She's mumbling something about those poor dogs who haven't got a proper home and she reckons she's got enough love to share between ME and someone else, Huh!

What do all you who have friends, brothers or sisters think, will I get my nose pushed out, or would I be happier with a friend of my very own, I'll do a poll for your thoughts.

Licks H