Miss you Big Lad

Friday, 8 August 2008

Happy Harry

I've been digging out some old videos of H, and have put them together into a small compilation.

The music is Days by Kirsty MacColl (Harry and Cassidy tell your mum thank-you) and The Long Road by Mark Knopfler. I think this shows what H was like more than any photo can.

Sally has some news to tell you all, but I've told her she has to wait a while.



roughseasinthemed said...

Can't make the vid work. :( Will try later and let you know.


roughseasinthemed said...

Now it works, and it is beautiful but I didn't get very far into it before the tears started.

I think I need to watch it without the music!


Freda said...

Ms. Vickys,

We are totallys shocked to hear of the passin' of Harrys. Can't believes it. We are soo sorry. What great video tributes.

We will miss him enormously.

Our thoughts are with you and your familys.



Jake of Florida said...

We were feeling sad today because our UK wirey pal, Jackson is going to have major surgery tomorrow. That made us think of HugehappyhairyHarry, one of our Happiness of Harrys -- so we stopped by and found your video. We hope the "secret" is what we think it might be.

Lots of wirey love,

Jake nd Just Harry, the Barkalots

Jake of Florida said...
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Jackson said...

A lovely video. Miss you, Harry. J x

Cassidy said...

That's a lovely video, though hard to watch. I hope in time though it will be fully of happy memories for you.

Katy x